December 1, 2023

Buildings are the cornerstone of our energy future; but they are a major source of energy consumption – for maintenance and operation – and are responsible for 36% of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe.

To enable the EU to decarbonize its building stock by 2050, the revised Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD) will promote asset renewal, triggering a move towards net zero in the real estate sector.

To help the real estate sector on its journey to net zero, the European Commission has created Level(s), a framework that provides a common language for assessing and reporting on the sustainability of buildings, from design to at the end of life for various stakeholders including sustainability professionals, asset designers, owners and investors, as well as policy makers and public authorities.

Arup was appointed to design an e-learning program for the framework, which would help users understand how to use the Level(s) in their workplace. Our sustainability and learning experts have also created a redesign strategy for the learning tool(s) level(s) -The Commission level(s) to Meet on the web portal and(s) ) Level – Sustainable performance of the learning course in EU Academy buildings.

Project Summary

5 learning projects

16signs of continuity

>3,000students to date

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