July 24, 2024

The Bitcoin industry is many things, but sustainable is not one of them. While the sector is well aware of their environmental shortcomings, and they are doing their best to switch to greener Bitcoin mining solutions, we still have a long way to go – and PEGA Pool is the first to move.

Bitcoin mining is so damaging to the environment that many governments have gone ahead and completely banned the cryptocurrency. Household names like Elon Musk have even stopped accepting Bitcoin as payment in an effort to stand against crypto mining’s impact on the environment. A new tariff even went into effect requiring mining companies to pay higher rates due to their sky-high electricity consumption.

But the truth is that crypto mining is important to the economy, because it is the only way we can verify transactions on the blockchain while bringing new coins into circulation. Fortunately, one company has a plan.

The long-awaited launch of the PEGA Pool can finally be seen as Q1 of 2023 approaches. The eco-friendly mining pool is on a mission to reduce the industry’s collective carbon footprint and make the sector a more sustainable place.

As part of their mission, PEGA Pool plants trees to offset CO2 – and this initiative is already underway. In fact, the team has planted almost 85,000 trees as we write this. While we would need to see about 300-400 MILLION new trees planted to experience a significant greenhouse gas offset, the PEGA Pool has quickly jumped from 7,000 trees planted to 85,000 in the past few weeks . And they are only gaining more momentum with each passing day.

But planting trees is just one way in which the PEGA Pool attracts Bitcoin miners to join its growing global community. Regardless of green energy mining status, all PEGA Pool clients will be eligible for exciting pool fee discounts.

While this is obviously more attractive for Bitcoin miners who are already mining with renewable energy, non-green-energy-use clients can score as well. Fees will be set at 1% for those who use green energy to mine Bitcoin, and 2% for those who don’t.

About the Company

PEGA Pool is proudly owned and operated in the UK, which speaks volumes about its credibility in a world where most Bitcoin mining pools operate from China or the US The eco-friendly mining pool is also ranked at 13.th largest in the world, according to BTC.com.

PEGA Pool is still accepting clients in its beta testing phase, although time is running out with the official Bitcoin industry launch on the horizon in Q1 of 2023. Those who register for early access are also eligible for a 50% fee reduction once the PEGA Pool is live, while BETA testers are eligible for a 100% discount on their pool fee.

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