April 19, 2024

Climate empowerment is growing among consumers

Consumers’ environmental awareness is growing

Affordability versus sustainability: a dilemma in times of crisis

Premium price tags prevent mass adoption (1)

Premium price tags prevent mass adoption (2)

Learn from other industries

Insert sustainable home care products in the region

Reuse and refill solutions offer better plastic storage

Refillable solutions are a method of affordable maintenance

Despite the challenges, sustainability is considered a priority by businesses

The strong link between sustainability and business stability

One point of change: sustainability goals are now useful goals

Consumer goods companies that invest in sustainable products

Paving the way to a low-carbon economy

Strive for responsible sourcing of ingredients

Packaging: reducing the plastic footprint

Tackling the global water crisis

Procter & Gamble: sustainability commitments and policies

P&G includes water conservation in its “Ambition 2030” plan.

Water scarcity has become central to Procter & Gamble

A new line of laundry and home care products launches to combat water issues in the US

P&G addresses plastic packaging solutions with the “Ambition 2030” action plan.

Black objects cannot be identified by ultraviolet visual sorting systems

P&G puts sustainability forward: a rethink for its cold water washing strategy

Tide follows in the US with a clear message on cold washing

Unilever: sustainability commitments and policies

Investing in renewable carbon sources

New technology set to support Unilever in achieving net-zero ambition (1)

New technology set to support Unilever in achieving net-zero ambitions (2)

Unilever Vietnam deploying greener carbon sources

The Seventh Generation reduces the CO2 footprint through concentration and compaction

“Dirt is Good” launched a concentrated formulation in a dilute-at-home scheme

In-store refill stations spread Unilever’s “No Plastic” efforts.

Tapping into computer-designed enzymes to offer more sustainable products

Henkel: sustainability commitments and policies (1)

Henkel: sustainability commitments and policies (2)

Henkel is investing in the transfer of renewable feedstock with BASF

Brand incubator Love Nature launches new product development in Germany

Henkel is promoting circularity and recyclability across its entire product portfolio

Henkel is working on several solutions to recycle black plastic

Henkel introduces cold wash claims in the dishwashing category

Reckitt: sustainability commitments and policies (1)

Reckitt: sustainability commitments and policies (2)

End 0% environmental turns for delivering powerful cleaning

Sustainable innovation through formulation: Veja Power Nature

Sustainable innovation to reduce plastic: Lysol Smart

Reckitt is developing paper-based dishwashing tablet packaging with a global launch pending

Encourage shoppers to help close the loop

In-store refill: refill options are spread around the world

Progress in sustainable development is slowing down

Key drivers of Home Care sustainability legislation

Zero pollution ambitions: Chemical Strategy for Sustainability (CSS)

Conservation of water resources: an aspect of the European Green Deal (EGD)

Green claims rationalization : a market for green products and their verification

Defining “safe and sustainable” in home care: the work ahead

Key drivers of packaging sustainability legislation

Plastics regulations are now requiring industries and retailers to find better packaging solutions

Singapore’s packaging reporting framework is a step towards a circular economy

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